CLIMB ABOARD FOR - HOME - Cincinnati, OH - Each of us can make a difference - let me show you how.

Come join me on a voyage of transforming relationships 

I can help you regain balance in toxic relationships, work and family.    

Because I believe change IS possible.

 I lead others to improve personal and professional effectiveness. 

                                         My  book, 
                                    "Lessons from a Difficult Person - 
                                    How to Deal With Us"  
                                                             is available at  www.  

                                   This unique approach to dealing with difficult people will help you clarify and improve your relationships.   

I  consult with and train individuals, employee and family groups, non profit organizations, their boards and volunteers.
My passion is helping people develop the courage to dare to have the difficult conversations in their lives.  This currently occurs in a talk or workshop called DEALING WITH DIFFICULT PEOPLE  which invites all of us to learn how to talk to another person about their behavior without destroying  the relationship.   I have conducted the workshop in  professional, employee, family and church groups.  For more information , click here. 

Certified in Lead Management and Choice Theory, I am a faculty member of the William Glasser Institute and the Center for Reality Therapy.  I conduct Practicum Supervision in the study of Lead Management and Reality Therapy.   For more information, click here
I also teach Personal and Professional Effectiveness .  I have been a trainer for Dr Sidney B. Simon for 30 years and have studied Byron Katie's The Work.  

See the Individual Classes page for a schedule of current classes and a listing of what's possible. 

If you or or your organization is experiencing stress, going through transitions or needing a retreat,  I can assist the process to bring you closer to peace.

I look forward to talking to you. 

Contact me at [email protected]

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